Our God is God of the details.

We see it all throughout the Bible. For example,

Luke 12:7 says He numbers the hairs on our heads. He doesn’t just know the total, but He knows each strand by number.

Six entire chapters in Exodus, 25-31, are packed full of detailed instructions regarding building the temple and worshiping- the Lord even specifies the number and direction of the curtain loops.

In Genesis, Hagar is hopeless, alone, and pregnant. She cries out to God and calls Him by my favorite of all His names, El Roi (the God who sees me). I wrote a poem titled “El Roi” about a month ago, and I’d like to share that below:

El Roi-

The God who sets the sun,

and illuminates the night.

The God who breathes life into the depths of the ocean,

and the depths of the soul.

The God who orchestrated the Heavens,

and garnishes every mountain.

Is the same God who-





and sees me-

even in the moments I don’t know where to begin looking for myself.

El Roi.

The God who sees me.

The God who sees it all, sees you. And not just your big calling or purpose either, He sees you in the simplest moments. He sees your tiny inconveniences, just as He does your greatest loss. He sees you in your exhausted moments, just as He does at your weakest.

Romans 8:28 is one of my favorite Bible verses, but I often find myself struggling with it. In moments of anxiety, disappointment, or frustration, I can declare that I trust the Lord will work this out for good in the end- but I worry about the awkward encounters, the random breakdowns, and the little set backs in-between.

I have to remind myself that the Lord is in those moments with me just as much any other. I see that HE SEES ME, He will give me the exact words I need to speak to a stranger, an acquaintance, or even a challenging friend. He will comfort me and wipe my tears, often sending little glimpses of glory to brighten those dark days. He will allow my feet to hit the floor another day and strengthen me to start again.

Our God is God of the details.

Reflect on what that means to you this week.