This week, no matter how many times I hit shuffle on my worship playlist, the same song seemed to play every single time. The specific lyrics that stuck out were:

And lay your burdens down, lay it all on Me

Rest your weary head and I’ll be all you need

As I began to pay more attention, I saw that the idea of “laying burdens down” continued to pop up over and over. But why? What was God trying to tell me? I had already laid all my burdens down, or so I thought. He quickly revealed to me, however, that I did not lay those burdens down, I had only pushed them back. I had ignored them, I had minimized them, and I had pretended.

The result of this neglect… well, as I found myself with a substantial amount of quiet time, I also found myself face to face with those burdens.

When I found myself there, though, I also found that God was already there. He had already extended an invitation to conquer my battles and heal my wounds. He was waiting patiently for me to accept the invitation, lay my burdens down, and rest my weary head on Him. He truly is all we will ever need.

And the same is true for whatever burdens you may be gripping tightly, barely hanging onto to, or maybe even pushed to the back burner. God is already there, at your moment of surrender. He is waiting. He has extended the invitation. He desires to comfort your weary head.

And let me say, I know how deeply our flesh desires control. I know it sounds daunting. I know it sounds impossible. I know it sounds like releasing the control we hold so dear. And while it may be daunting, it is not impossible, and the reality is- we were never in control in the first place. We are not equip to carry our burdens on our backs, and we were never meant to. We are, however, blessed with a constant line of communication to the Creator. A constant opportunity for communion and surrender.

(I was recently reminded of how magnificent this truly is. It would be impossible for most of us to get in touch with the President or Governor, yet the Ruler of EVERYTHING is constantly available to us. That makes me pause in wonder. How great and loving is God? Beyond comprehension.)

And He desires to hear from us, He desires to comfort us, and He desires to carry our burdens.

So, let Him. It really is as simple as reaching your hands out and inviting God to lift those burdens off of you.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

And here are three worship songs I highly suggest you listen to this week:

I’ll Be Everything – Bethel Music and Jenn Johnson

Make Room – The Church Will Sing

Once and For All – Lauren Daigle