Trials are not fun. Failure is not fun. Mistakes are not fun. Rejection is not fun. Valleys are not fun. But it’s all absolutely fundamental. 

The definition of fundamental, according to Google is, “forming a necessary base or core; of central importance.” 

I believe the Lord intentionally uses each valley we walk through to write and strengthen our testimonies. As we struggle, we either draw closer to Him or pull further away. We see and experience the over flowing grace, comfort, and peace that comes from releasing it all to the Lord- or we struggle to make it on our own, realizing how deeply we need Him. 

As I think of my own testimony, as well as the testimonies of those closest to me, I notice a pattern. The “core,” or the points of “central importance,” all come from a time of immense trial. Trials of doubt, mental health, physical health, loss, rejection, and failure all stand out- and I bet similar times stand out when you reflect on your personal story.

Recently, I found myself faced with another trial, and I almost let it define me. However, as I was beginning to give in to the anxiety and stress, the Holy Spirit quickly reminded me the Lord was writing my testimony through this very trial, this very day. He intends to use this season to grow me closer to Him, to make me more like Jesus, and to teach me to listen and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit more readily. 

The same is true for each and every trial any and all of us may walk through, and it’s our choice which road we’d like to take: become controlled and defined by our circumstances as we try to handle them ourselves, or humbly submit and come into the Lord’s open arms with anticipation of what He is writing.