Jason Burress

Assistant Pastor

Jason Burress, as the Assistant Pastor of Paint Rock Baptist Church, brings a wealth of dedication and inspiration to the congregation. His appointment by the members during the monthly business meeting on June 7, 2023, is a testament to their trust in his leadership and spiritual guidance. Under the mentorship of Pastor Dean Barnes, Brother Jason was ordained on October 30th, 2022, marking a significant milestone in his ministry. Having preached at PRBC for many years, Brother Jason has become a shining light within the church community. His steadfast commitment to the Baptist faith and his genuine passion for preaching have touched the hearts of numerous individuals. Through his sermons and teachings, he has inspired and uplifted countless souls, helping them strengthen their relationship with God. Brother Jason’s presence at Paint Rock Baptist Church has been an invaluable blessing, and his contributions continue to make a lasting impact on the congregation and beyond.


Phone: 423-569-8120 - Option 1

Email: jason@prbconeida.org